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Chrome Beds for Sale from Bed SOS

In the furniture industry, 'chrome' refers to a product's finish rather than a specific metal. In some cases, the finish is chrome plating. It might be nickel plating in other cases. Both are referred to as chrome because they offer the same aesthetic: a shiny, well-polished surface with the look and feel of metal.

Some of our chrome beds are metal beds with a chrome plate. Chrome plating is accomplished by using electricity to encourage chromium to bond with a metal surface. Chromium is a chemical element and the main additive in stainless steel. A chrome plated object can be polished to a brilliant shine for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Other beds in our chrome inventory are plated with nickel rather than chromium. Nickel is also a chemical element with a silver-white lustre. It is considered a hard but pliable metal that can be formed and deformed multiple times without compromising integrity. Like chrome, it can be polished to a brilliant shine.


For furniture makers, the choice between chrome- or nickel-plating boils down to both cost and labour. From the customer's perspective however, both are equally beautiful. Best of all, a chrome bed is a sturdy piece of furniture whether finished with chrome or nickel plating.

A Modern Furniture Piece

Chrome beds are recommended in homes featuring more modern styling. Indeed, a chrome bed is a modern furniture piece that goes well with light, neutral colours and simple design schemes. Chrome works extremely well with whites and off-whites.

A chrome bed represents an investment in a piece of furniture that should last a lifetime. Indeed, chrome stands up very well to the rigours of daily life. It is a suitable finish for single, double, queen, and king beds. Note that our chrome beds can be purchased with or without mattresses.