Nickel Beds

Metal bed frames are often finished with a plating rather than a paint. One plating we see a lot in the furniture business is nickel. Nickel is a chemical element mined from ore. It is a durable but pliable substance that offers a beautiful silvery-white lustre even before it's polished. All Nickel beds from BedSOS come with FREE Delivery and 14 day returns.

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In the bedding world, a nickel bed is a bed with a metal frame that has been plated with nickel. Plating is a process that involves dipping the metal pieces in an electrically charged bath of molten nickel. The electric charge forces the nickel to adhere to the metal surface. Once bonded, the bond is permanent.

Nickel-plated bed frames are polished to a brilliant shine in the final phase of production. When fully polished, the nickel-plated finish closely resembles polished chrome. As such, you will often find nickel and chrome beds listed together under the same category. Note this detail as you shop.

Beauty and Strength

Among the many advantages of nickel beds are their strength. Underneath the nickel plating is a metal material that gives the bed frame its body, shape, and strength. A nickel bed will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. As for nickel's beauty, it is self-evident.

Well-polished nickel offers a brilliant shine that looks good regardless of the lighting. On a sunny day however, natural light reflecting off a nickel bed frame brings out the true beauty of this material. You will most appreciate the aesthetic appeal under high light conditions.

Investing in a nickel bed means investing in a solid piece of bedroom furniture that will more than pass the durability test. In terms of aesthetics, nickel beds work best as part of a modern design scheme featuring neutral colours and limited embellishments. Nickel works well with whites, off-whites, greys, and creams.