Pine Beds

Pine beds are so named because they are made with one of the most commonly used materials in the furniture business. We offer a variety of pine beds in different styles for your convenience. Know that when you're buying pine, you are buying a material that furniture builders have been using for centuries.

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Pine is a conifer in the Pinaceae family. Often times references to pine will indicate lumber rather than a specific type of tree. That is because there are a number of pine species that are harvested for lumber. Rather than specifying the exact species, distributors refer to the lumber simply as pine.

What makes pine so desirable as a furniture material? It offers a number of attractive characteristics, beginning with the rate at which it grows. Most species of pines are fast-growing woods that do not take long to reach maturity. They also grow in very dense stands, making them easy to harvest.

Pine is also preferred due to its density. Natural pine is already more dense than other words, including spruce, but when bred and grown in the controlled environment of a nursery, an even denser product is possible.

Beautiful and Long-Lasting

Furniture makers truly appreciate pine because it is beautiful and long-lasting. In terms of the latter, pine does not require any special treatment for indoor use. Therefore, furniture makers can build everything from beds to cabinets with confidence. Pine can be finished with stain, varnish, or paint.

Finished with a clear varnish, pine offers plenty of aesthetic appeal. It can be just as beautiful stained or painted. Look through our inventory of pine beds and see for yourself. We offer standard beds, bunk beds, and pine storage beds for your convenience. They are all beautiful and durable furniture pieces that will provide years of reliable service.