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How to Prevent a Faux Leather Bed from Cracking

Faux leather is a wonderful option for those who love the look of authentic leather but not the price tag that comes with it. Large items, such as faux leather beds, are enormously popular due to their leather-look exteriors, but are far more affordable than a similar bed covered in authentic leather. By choosing a faux leather product carefully and providing it with care and attention, it will last for many years and still look as good as new. Faux leather beds bought from reputable manufacturers will look good and... Read More


How to Tell the Difference between Faux Leather and Real Leather

Good quality faux leather can actually look so similar to real leather that many people cannot tell the difference just by looking at it. While real leather is made by using animal skin, faux leather is a man-made plastic fabric. Faux leather is particularly appealing to vegans who do not condone the use of any products made from animal skins and to those whose budget does not allow for the purchase of authentic leather items. The main differences between faux and real leather are as follows: Good quality authentic leather... Read More


What is Faux Leather Made of?

Faux leather, or artificial leather, is a material that is designed to look like real leather. It is often made by using plastics or polyurethane, with vegetable-based alternatives also available from kelp, cork oak tree bark, and Swedish koskinn. Often used for clothing, upholstery and fabrics, faux leather provides a cheaper alternative to real leather and appeals to those who condemn the use of animal skins for their belongings. Many imitation types of leather are created by applying a plastic coating to a layer of polyester and then finished to... Read More


How Durable is Faux Leather?

Faux leather is an environmentally-friendly synthetic product that appeals to many for personal or financial reasons. Easily cleaned with just a damp cloth, faux leather is a cheap alternative to authentic leather and, if cared for properly, can last for many years. Faux leather made by using polyurethane products can be highly durable, especially when mixed with natural or synthetic fibres. Many classic cars from the 1950s still have the original faux leather upholstery, with its lifespan extended by careful maintenance and the use of faux leather-care products. So while... Read More


Lack of Sleep Can Make You Ugly!

Not getting enough sleep not only makes you feel irritable and tired, but it can also affect your looks. While we have all experienced seeing bleary or puffy eyes the morning after a late night, it has been scientifically proven that sleep deprivation can have a long-term effect on our physical appearance. Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden decided to investigate how the lack of sleep affects us physically, using five women and five men who agreed to be monitored and photographed during the study. Photographs were taken of each individual after... Read More


Achieve your dreams

Lucid Dreaming Lucid dreaming is the concept of being aware that you are dreaming while you are sleeping. Those who have lucid dreams tend to become aware that they are dreaming in the midst of a dream; this moment of clarity usually being triggered by something that occurs in the dream. Most lucid dreamers will say that they became aware they were dreaming when something happened within the dream that simply could not be possible in reality, such as flying or speaking to someone they knew to be dead. Others cannot pinpoint the trigger that... Read More


What Kind of Sleeper Are You?

Have you ever just sat in a room and watched someone sleep? It is really rather interesting. It makes you wonder what your own sleeping habits are. In light of that, we decided it might be interesting to go through the different kinds of sleepers we have all observed over the years. You may not know where you fit on this list, given that you are not awake while you’re sleeping, but perhaps your partner or one of your kids can identify the type of sleeper you are. Just remember,... Read More


The Dreaded Bed Bug and What to Do about It

Bed bugs. They are ugly, nasty creatures that can make life terribly miserable should they find their way into your home. So what do you do if you are unlucky enough to have them as houseguests? Call an exterminator. More about that later. But first, let us talk about where these bugs get their name and how they might get in. There is nothing about the bed bug that makes it uniquely preferable to your mattress. These insects can live anywhere they find adequate protection and a good food supply.... Read More


Sharing the Marriage Bed Takes Some Getting Used to

Every little girl dreams of being swept off her feet by her prince, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after. Young couples convinced they know all of the secrets to love, look forward with great anticipation to that day when they finally walk down the aisle and seal their relationship. Indeed, there are many grandiose ideas about weddings and marriage relationships that seem too good to be true. Some are; some are not. It would have been nice if someone had sat down with those of us... Read More


How Important Is Sleep Position to Your Relationship?

How you and your partner sleep together speaks volumes about your relationship. At least that is what the author of a newly released study told the Daily Mail in February (2015). Psychologist Corrine Sweet studied couples and their sleep patterns to get an idea of how people position themselves when sharing a bed. She went on to explain various positions and what each of them say about relationships. Our question is whether sleep position truly affects relationships. The jury is still out on that, especially since Sweet’s study is by... Read More