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Eight of the funniest Googled sex questions answered

Here at Bed SoS we spend alot of time thinking about how to provide a perfect nights sleep in a luxury bed at the lowest possible prices, but just for fun, we thought we would find out what else people might have been googling or getting up to in bed. With all the time that people in the UK have spent in their beds with very little to do this year, it’s no surprise that people’s minds can wander into some… unusual places. But when you have questions about sex,... Read More


How to sleep well during the festive season

One of the best things about the festive season is the food and drink, right? Eating whatever you want, whenever you want, and popping the champagne as soon as you wake up on Christmas morning, anything goes!  But are there some Christmas treats that keep us awake at night? Or perhaps make us drop off earlier than usual? We spoke to sleep expert, Karl Rollinson, about the Christmas foods that have the biggest impact on our time in bed.   Breakfast  One of the best parts of Christmas is having a... Read More

14 Bed Colours to Anchor Your Bedroom Design Scheme

Part of what determines your choice of a new bed is colour. This is not a bad thing. Once you have decided on size and firmness, a new bed’s aesthetic appeal is important as well. The colours play a significant role in whether or not you appreciate what it looks like. The bed is arguably the largest and most prominent piece of furniture in any bedroom. So it makes sense to pick a colour you like and then design the rest of the room around it. To help you get... Read More

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Could the way you sleep be impacting your health?

When you go to bed at night, your health might be the last thing on your mind. But some experts suggest that the way you sleep could say more about your health, and even your personality, than you might think. To get to the bottom of this, we surveyed the nation to find out just how people catch their forty winks, and spoke to some experts to see what the way they lie in bed means. Below are the UK’s most common sleeping positions and insight from medical and psychological... Read More

The messiest bedrooms of 2020

We understand sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of tidying, especially if you’re out and about with a busy lifestyle. However some of the entrants of our recent competition really shocked us with their levels of messiness!  So, we wanted to help one untidy entrant by providing them with a brand new bed to create a new look for their bedroom (and hopefully inspire them to keep it looking fresh). We received more than 300 entries from across the country, and the top prize was awarded to Sara from... Read More

Competition time – Whos got the messiest bedroom?

Competition by Bed SOS to find out who in the UK has the messiest bedroom. We asked customers up and down the country about their messy beds and bedrooms. The winner received a free bed worth F400! Please note this competition is now closed and the winner has been announced please see some of the amazing entries and results that produced truly the messiest bedrooms in the UK. Terms and conditions apply subject to availability, mattress not included. View our huge range of cheap price discounted Beds.


How to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom

The stress and anxiety of lockdown have disrupted all areas of life and the bedroom is no exception, with many Brits reporting a decrease in libido since the Coronavirus struck. People are having less sex in bed and even when they do, many are not enjoying it as much as normal. So what can you do to get your sex drive back in gear? Bed Size is important and the layout of the room should be considered as part of the whole experience. Creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom is... Read More


Are you an active sleeper? This could be why

Many people will have experienced unusual nocturnal behaviour at some point in their lives, whether that’s hearing a friend or partner talking weirdly in their sleep, or waking up in the kitchen with no idea how you got there. This behaviour is usually harmless, and can often be hilarious for those watching, but what exactly is it that makes people do these strange activities in their sleep? We spoke to sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley of The Sleep Council, to find out: Sleepwalking Sleepwalking is what we refer to as... Read More


Five reasons why couples should sleep separately

Should you be sleeping separately to your partner? It doesn’t sound like something that could be beneficial, but according to a recent study we’ve carried out, a fifth (20%) of Brits doing so say it improves their relationship. Unsurprisingly, half (49%) said that sleeping alone helps them to sleep better, whilst nearly one in ten (8%) claim it improves their sex life. Simply adding an additional cheap guest bed with a quality mattress to your house is all that’s needed? What about cuddles in bed I hear you cry? Snoring... Read More


Raunchy Regions: how much sex are people having in your city?

Survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by The Leadership Factor on behalf of Bed SOS in January 2020 YouGov Profiles+ Great Britain 2020-01-05 – ‘Are you satisfied with your sex life?’ – 19,131 respondents The average Brit has sex around three times a week, but what about where you live? How does your city compare to the national average? Our recent research found that people in Bristol and Edinburgh make love most often, averaging just under four sessions in bed a week. On the other hand, those in Newcastle have... Read More