Top Tips for Choosing The Right Bed!

When it comes to choosing the right bed frame for your bedroom, here at Bed SOS we have a few great tips to ensuring you choose the right bed.

Tip 1:
Consider what size your bedroom is. This is important as you need to be sure you can fit the bed in to your bedroom. Beds vary in length, depending on the over all style of the bed. Make sure you know the width and length of the bedroom, then work out if a small double bed, double bed, king size bed or super king size bed is most suitable.

Tip 2:
Choose which style bed you prefer, baring in mind your bedroom décor. Beds are available in a variety of styles these days, whether it is with or without a footboard. Other style beds also include storage beds, sleigh beds, or divan beds.

Tip 3:
Choosing which material bed you desire can be quite difficult. Not only does price vary depending on if you desire a genuine leather bed or a faux leather bed, but also the long term durability of the bed varies. Typically, a good quality metal bed or wooden bed is going to be far more durable than any bed frame. However, faux leather and real leather beds are just as durable if cared for correctly.

Tip 4:
Nowadays there is a whole array of beds available which have been specifically designed to be functional. Many beds have storage, whether it’s underneath storage beds or lift up ottoman storage beds. Beds are also available with pull out beds underneath, which are highly popular for guest bedrooms. TV beds are also becoming extremely popular.

Tip 5:
When choosing a bed price factor can be the deciding factor. Here at Bed SOS we aim to offer the best beds at the best prices, we even offer free delivery (UK mainland only). With the Bed SOS sale now on, you’re bound to find that perfect bed which meets all your needs.

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