How Important Is Sleep Position to Your Relationship?

How you and your partner sleep together speaks volumes about your relationship. At least that is what the author of a newly released study told the Daily Mail in February (2015). Psychologist Corrine Sweet studied couples and their sleep patterns to get an idea of how people position themselves when sharing a bed. She went on to explain various positions and what each of them say about relationships.

Our question is whether sleep position truly affects relationships. The jury is still out on that, especially since Sweet’s study is by no means conclusive. However, the data does reveal some interesting things about human psychology. For purposes of illustration, here are just a few examples of what Sweet came up with:

Liberty Position The Liberty position identified by Sweet is the most common sleep position for couples. This position has both partners occupying their own, individual space with no contact throughout the night. Sweet says that couples who adopt this position are secure enough in their relationships to be able to enjoy some independence.

Cherish Position This position is one of sleeping back to back with a minimal amount of contact throughout the night. This apparently shows that couples cherish one another and are comfortable with their relationships. Sweet says it is a common position among new couples.

Spooning Position – Couples who practice the spooning position demonstrate a relationship in which one individual takes on the role of protecting the other. Apparently, only 18% of couples regularly sleep in this position.

Sweet goes on to discuss a number of other positions that include varying levels of contact between couples. It turns out that continual contact through the night can be a real problem for couples. The more contact involved in a given sleep position, the fewer couples there are who choose to adopt it as a position to remain in all night.

It’s about Sleep

Whether or not you agree with Sweet’s research and conclusions, a good night’s sleep is probably just as important as the strength of your relationship. Indeed, plenty of people sleep separately despite having very strong and intimate relationships. Beyond romance and physical intimacy, the bedroom is the place in which we are supposed to thoroughly rest and recuperate from the day’s vigour. Restful sleep is the ultimate goal.  For the comfiest mattresses our team at Bed SOS recommend memory foam mattresses.

It is quite likely that the majority of couples choose the Liberty position because it allows them to share the same bed while still getting the restful sleep they need. It is also quite likely that the reason only 2% of couples use the intertwined Lover’s position is that all of that contact inhibits restful sleep.

Couples should remember that adequate sleep is essential for good physical, mental, and emotional health. If sleeping apart is necessary to achieve restful sleep, there are other ways to be intimate. Those who can share a bed successfully should concentrate more on sleep and less on position.

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