What Kind of Sleeper Are You?

Have you ever just sat in a room and watched someone sleep? It is really rather interesting. It makes you wonder what your own sleeping habits are. In light of that, we decided it might be interesting to go through the different kinds of sleepers we have all observed over the years. You may not know where you fit on this list, given that you are not awake while you’re sleeping, but perhaps your partner or one of your kids can identify the type of sleeper you are. Where ever you are in the UK your sleep and bed matters and getting a good night sleep is essential.

Just remember, this is all in fun. There is no need to get upset if you recognise yourself or your partner. Therefore, without further delay, here we go.

1. The Slumbering Giant

The slumbering giant is the person who finds a position, falls asleep, then refuses to stir until eight hours have expired. He or she barely moves at the loudest sound, let alone your attempts to wake him or her with a swift kick to the back. By all accounts, it would appear that the slumbering giant could sleep through a nuclear war, an Iron Maiden concert, or a Champions League football match.

2. The Beauty

The beauty is a rare creature indeed. She is most often female, and she can sleep for what seems like an eternity without ever messing her hair or causing the slightest crease in her pillowcase. She rises in the morning as fresh and perky as can be. As for the rest of us, let us just say morning is not the best time of the day. We still have to shave, brush the teeth, etc.

3. The Buzz Saw

As the beauty is typically female, the buzz saw is almost always male. Where does the buzz saw get his name? From his innate ability to snore more loudly than a freight train under full duress. We think it is quite possible that every family has a buzz saw within its ranks, as evidenced by the fact that so many people complain about a snoring partner or father. Oh well, that’s why they make earplugs.

4. The Athlete

If you have ever slept with the athlete, you are very familiar with the impressive acrobatic movements that seem to come out of nowhere. The athlete somehow manages to get eight hours of restful sleep even while running a marathon, climbing a rock wall and wrestling with those little pieces of cellophane that cover video game packages. If it weren’t for sleep, this person would not get any exercise!  Its often a good idea to invest in a Super King Size bed, if you believe you may fall under this category.

5. The Orator

For maximum amusement, no sleeper is more entertaining than the orator. If you are a member of this elite group, you probably already know it. Someone has mentioned something crazy you said while in the midst of restful bliss. Nevertheless, be careful not to implicate yourself. More than one relationship has encountered turbulent waters because the orator cannot keep his or her mouth shut.

So, what kind of sleeper are you? Ask your partner… if you’re brave enough.

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