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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is the concept of being aware that you are dreaming while you are sleeping. Those who have lucid dreams tend to become aware that they are dreaming in the midst of a dream; this moment of clarity usually being triggered by something that occurs in the dream. Most lucid dreamers will say that they became aware they were dreaming when something happened within the dream that simply could not be possible in reality, such as flying or speaking to someone they knew to be dead. Others cannot pinpoint the trigger that caused them to be aware that they were dreaming; they simply become aware for no apparent reason.

There are various levels of lucidity within a dream state. Low-level lucidity can allow the dreamer to be aware that they are dreaming, but they may not realise that they are in bed and are not in danger. With high-level lucidity, dreamers will be completely aware that everything taking place is not real – they may even be cognisant that they are in no danger and that they are in fact in bed and will wake soon.

Lucid Dream Possibilities

With lucid dreaming, it is possible to have a degree of control over dreams. Those who actually practice the technique of lucid dreaming are able to control what happens in their dreams. Once the lucid dreamer has realised that they are dreaming, they can enjoy perfect clarity within the dreams. They are able to use their five senses in the same way they do when awake. They can, for example, fulfil fantasies such as flying, time travel, and meeting a favourite pop star, which are just not possible in reality.

Some individuals use lucid dreams to overcome specific conditions such as anxieties, phobias, past traumas, nightmares, and recurring dreams. Experts say that lucid dreaming is like being in a virtual world in which you have complete control over events and the people within it. While lucid dreaming is a state that everyone can achieve, it is one that many people are completely unaware of. Only a small number of individuals actually learn how to practice lucid dreaming, and for these people the use of an ultra comfortable mattress can help.

The History of Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming as a practice has been around for centuries, and dream yoga, which is a similar practice, is a recognised Buddhist tradition. Native Americans see dreams as a gateway into the spirit world while Aborigines refer to the beginning of the world as ‘dreamings’.

Frederik van Eeden, a psychiatrist from the Netherlands, coined the phrase ‘lucid dreaming’ back in 1913. However, most people became aware of the topic of lucid dreaming through the Lucidity Institute, which is headed by Stephen Laberge. The Lucidity Institute studies and researches lucid dreaming and runs workshops at which people can learn the practice.

Despite being around for centuries, the practice of lucid dreaming has only become well known in Western society over the past few decades.

New Research

Researchers are studying the phenomenon of lucid dreaming all the time. Neuropsychologists Martin Dresler and Ursula Voss found that, while the activity of the brain during lucid dreaming is similar to brain activity during REM sleep, there are noticeable differences, which would suggest that something different is occurring.

A University of Adelaide PhD student is looking into the link between vitamin B and lucid dreaming. Denholm Aspy has listed lucid dreaming among his interests and is now running a study to test how vitamin B6, in particular, affects the ability to have lucid dreams. Research has already established a link between vitamin B and lucid dreaming, but Aspy is hoping to prove that supplementing with vitamin B6 can make dreams more emotional and vivid. He will be comparing vitamin B6 with other B vitamins and a placebo to see how they affect dreaming.

Why Would People Want to have Lucid Dreams? 

Many of those unfamiliar with lucid dreaming and how it works are sceptical, wondering why anyone would want to be aware that they are dreaming. Those that practice lucid dreaming though can learn how to control their dreams, meaning that they are only limited by their imagination. It also means they can do almost anything while dreaming; an entirely new world opens up in which the dreamer can be anything he or she wants to be, do anything, and go anywhere.

Perhaps you have wished you could fly. If so, lucid dreaming could be the very thing to make this a ‘possibility’. Although you will only be able to fly while you are asleep, the experience could be magical. Those who have flown while lucid dreaming say it is exhilarating, giving them a sense of freedom not possible while awake.

Lucid dreaming actually does allow you to achieve your dreams!

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