How to Prevent a Faux Leather Bed from Cracking

Faux leather is a wonderful option for those who love the look of authentic leather but not the price tag that comes with it. Large items, such as faux leather beds, are enormously popular due to their leather-look exteriors, but are far more affordable than a similar bed covered in authentic leather. By choosing a faux leather product carefully and providing it with care and attention, it will last for many years and still look as good as new.

Faux leather beds bought from reputable manufacturers will look good and last longer than cheaper, inferior makes. A faux leather bed that is reinforced with natural fibres will also have a longer lifespan than those made using synthetic fibres, especially if the bed is constantly exposed to the sun and harmful UV rays. The sun can affect the molecular structure of artificial leather, resulting in cracks on the surface of the fabric.

Preventative Measures
Apart from keeping a faux leather bed away from sun exposure, keeping a constant temperature in a bedroom will also extend the life of the bed, preventing damage to the fabric. Special oils can be used to inhibit cracking, and these can prevent sun damage to artificial leather, as well as giving it a lovely glossy shine. These oils also soften artificial leather, preventing it from hardening and splitting, especially in areas where the fabric is pulled taut.

Faux leather conditioners can add useful protection to the fabric of a faux leather bed. These are absorbed through surface pores, providing a protective outer layer and improving the breathability of the fabric. These can also condition artificial leather to give it an attractive shine and keep the fabric soft and pliable.

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