How to Tell the Difference between Faux Leather and Real Leather

Good quality faux leather can actually look so similar to real leather that many people cannot tell the difference just by looking at it. While real leather is made by using animal skin, faux leather is a man-made plastic fabric. Faux leather beds are particularly appealing to vegans who do not condone the use of any products made from animal skins and to those whose budget does not allow for the purchase of authentic leather items.

The main differences between faux and real leather are as follows:

  • Good quality authentic leather usually costs far more than faux leather, so a high price tag will often indicate that a product is made from real leather.
  • Most reputable manufacturers will label their products as made by using authentic or faux leather, and faux leather will be labelled as ‘man-made’. If there are no labels, then there are other ways to tell the difference.
  • Closely examine the pores within the leather. Real leather has pores that are inconsistently placed throughout the fabric while faux leather shows pores that follow a consistent pattern. Real leather that is untreated by pigments may show small colour blemishes and natural leather markings.
  • Faux leather products have perfectly straight edges that feel rather like foam or plastic while real leather items may show a rougher looking edge.
  • Faux leather feels very smooth, with a similar feel to plastic. Pigmented leather feels soft and smooth due to its shiny top colour while aniline leather may feel coarse as it has no protective treatment applied to its surface.
  • The smell of real leather is very distinctive and it is impossible to replicate this smell with synthetic materials or poor quality leather.

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