Are These the UK’s Messiest Bedrooms?

Your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and rest; arguably the comfiest area in your house, but it seems that keeping it clean and tidy is not a priority for everyone.

We searched the country high and low for the messiest bedrooms via a photo competition, and can reveal the 10 most untidy rooms.

Anna Wrigley, from Kendal in Cumbria, was crowned our competition winner after sharing her carnage of a room, featuring a half-eaten takeaway from the night before. She received one of our lovely new beds as a prize.

Here are 25 of the messiest entries:

  1. Anna captioned this: “The day after the night before” which, from the looks of it, was a pretty big night.

  1. Sam Thomas is considering moving out after her boyfriend promised a romantic boudoir if she moved in…

  1. We spy with our little eye… Christmas decorations?! Melek Gil’s room has become less of a bedroom and more of a storage space.

  1. Philip Burch says he struggles to walk around his bed. We’re not surprised… seeing as there’s not much floor to walk on.

  1. Jenny couldn’t help but post this picture of her daughter’s bedroom, worryingly this is it at its best!

  1. Haleema Khanum has called this a daily struggle, but then again, you never know when you’ll need a sombrero!

  1. Another sombrero… another filthy bedroom. Hannah Griffin shared this picture of her 20 year old son’s bedroom, which we think could do with a bit of a tidy.

  1. Emma Fox’s room is serving a dual purpose; bedroom and launderette. Also, are those care bears?

  1. Sophie has shared a picture of her daughter’s messy room. Looks like someone has been having too much fun with their toys!

  1. Samantha Oakley promises that under all that stuff is a bed…

  1. Claire described her room as Bed-Lam.

  1. Andrea says there is too much clutter in her room. We’d have to agree.

  1. Andrea says there’s too much clutter in her room. We’d have to agree.

  1. Sarah’s room is becoming more of a storage space than a bedroom.

  1. Kiran admits he hasn’t cleaned his room in 6 months… there’s no time like the present.

  1. This time a Dad exposing his messy son. Alan loving captioned this picture “a boy’s pigsty”.

  1. Shraine creatively calls this her floordrobe.

  1. Paula openingly admits this is the household’s dumping ground.

  1. Divyeruthra has promised she will clean her room tomorrow…

  1. Lisa says her daughter is never tidy.

  1. Kayleigh is channeling her inner Tracy Emin.

  1. Sean summed it up nicely: What a mess.

  1. Nicola compared her child’s bedroom to Hamleys.

  1. Helen admits her standards are dropping with each child. We’ll let you off.

  1. We all have a chair like Claire. Don’t lie.

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