Struggling sleepers: 10 of the funniest sleep deprived fails

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but sometimes for one reason or another, sleep might elude us, forcing us to struggle through the next day. The big question is what kind of sleeper are you?

One in ten (10%) Brits get four or fewer hours of sleep per night, and nearly half (46%) get fewer than the recommended seven hours.

Unfortunately, regular doses of tea or coffee can only take us so far, and most of us are far from our best after a bad night’s sleep. But this can sometimes result in some hilarious anecdotes, so we scoured the internet to find the funniest sleep deprived stories. Did you know lack of sleep can make you ugly?

  1. Missing remote

“A few months ago, I’d lost the TV remote and could not find it for hours, that is until I opened the fridge before bed and noticed it was there! I also forgot that the Skybox has a feature to find the remote.”

  1. An early start

“A couple of years ago I was away on business and had a really disrupted night’s sleep. I woke up believing I had overslept, so I got up and ready in super quick time and made my way to the hotel restaurant for breakfast. To my surprise it was midnight and I was greeted by rather strange looks!”

  1. Oops, wrong room

“I was so sleep deprived once I went into my parents’ bedroom half asleep, pulled down my pyjamas and almost peed on their bed — thinking I was in the bathroom! It was not a cheap bed either, super king and expensive mattress! I had to be escorted to the toilet by my mum and taken back to bed. I only found out about this the morning after!”

  1. Chilled laundry

“I have two young kids, two businesses to run and a husband who works away for six months at a time. I once emptied the washing machine and put all the clothes in the fridge. As I closed the door and walked away, I looked at the empty basket and realised what I’d done.”

  1. Toys for tea

“I’m always exhausted and once put a bag of Barbies in the fridge thinking it was a bag of carrots. I got a surprise when I took them out to cook them!”

  1. Bath time

“I was holding my almost three-month-old son in one hand, and a bottle in the other, while I walked into the kitchen to put the bottle into the sink. I put my baby into the sink instead. I stood there for a second, just holding him there in the sink, before realising that something didn’t seem right!”

  1. A surprise feeding

“Once I grabbed my husband’s head and pulled it to my chest in an attempt to breastfeed him in the middle of the night. I had heard the baby fuss from his crib and got confused. Scared the hell out of my husband!”

  1. Sleepy shopping

“I went food shopping and used a trolley. I was so used to pushing around a baby in a pushchair that I found myself pushing the trolley back and forth lightly. Y’know, to calm down the groceries.”

  1. A disappointing breakfast

“I poured my coffee into my cereal. Tried to be positive that it might be delicious but I ruined them both.”

  1. Panic over

“I went on lunch every day to breastfeed my daughter (who wouldn’t take a bottle) and it was snowing one day so I drove (about a mile). When it was time to leave, I forgot that I drove, and walked back to work. Five hours later I’m panicking in the car park in the snow, trying to find my car. I finally walked to the nursery to see if it was there. It was, with two tickets.”

We’d love to hear more examples, so send your funniest sleep deprived stories to us on Twitter: @Bedsos

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