Raunchy Regions: how much sex are people having in your city?

The average Brit has sex around three times a week, but what about where you live? How does your city compare to the national average?

Our recent research[1] found that people in Bristol and Edinburgh make love most often, averaging just under four sessions a week.

On the other hand, those in Newcastle have sex most infrequently, with a weekly average of just over two times.

So, how does your city compare? See our maps below to find out!

Remember, quantity does not necessarily equal quality. Despite having the fewest orgasms (just 2.5 a week on average), people in Sheffield have the highest levels of sexual satisfaction[2].

At the other end of the scale, Liverpudlians and people from Leicester are the most frustrated, with just 33% being content with their sex lives.

Here are the UK cities with the highest and lowest levels of sexual satisfaction:

1) Sheffield – 52%

2) Birmingham – 47%

3) Bristol – 46%

= Edinburgh – 46%

= Leeds – 46%

6) Glasgow – 41%

= London – 41%

8) Manchester – 38%

9) Liverpool – 33%

=Leicester – 33%

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[1] Survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by The Leadership Factor on behalf of Bed SOS in January 2020

[2] YouGov Profiles+ Great Britain 2020-01-05 – ‘Are you satisfied with your sex life?’ – 19,131 respondents


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