Five reasons why couples should sleep separately

Should you be sleeping separately to your partner? It doesn’t sound like something that could be beneficial, but according to a recent study we’ve carried out, a fifth (20%) of Brits doing so say it improves their relationship.

Unsurprisingly, half (49%) said that sleeping alone helps them to sleep better, whilst nearly one in ten (8%) claim it improves their sex life. Simply adding an additional cheap guest bed with a quality mattress to your house is all that’s needed? What about cuddles in bed I hear you cry?

Snoring (30%) was the most common reason for couples to sleep apart. Nearly a fifth (18%) said they slept alone after arguing with their partner, whilst one in six (15%) slept separately due to being on different sleep schedules.

Here are five reasons why you should consider sleeping solo.

  1. A better night’s sleep

As much as we love our other halves, that affection can go out of the window if you’re kept awake all night with loud snoring and flailing limbs.

Snoring is the number one reason why couples sleep apart, and if your significant other is keeping you awake then it could be in the interest of your health to sleep in another room.

Martina Mercer, editor of Sunday Woman Magazine, said: “I couldn’t sleep with my husband without feeling resentment in the morning as he would keep me awake with his restless legs and snoring. Funnily enough, this didn’t bother him at all, he could sleep right through it all, but for me, it was constant twitching, and as soon as I started to nod off, he’d twitch again and I’d have to start the cycle of getting to sleep all over again. 

“It started where he would sleep in the spare room to give me a treat. Like having a newborn I was desperate for a full night’s sleep and so on weekends I’d get to sleep right through the night, it was bliss. I loved it so much, I asked him to move in there permanently, as with three children, and a business to run I really couldn’t survive on very little sleep. 

“I strongly believe we would have separated if not for the new sleeping arrangements, as it caused a lot of arguments and left a bad taste in the air after a poor night’s sleep.”

  1. It improves your sex life

Nearly one in ten (8%) Brits said that their sex life actually improved after deciding to sleep apart.

Sleeping alone means that tiredness becomes less of a barrier to sex due to both partners sleeping better, as well as making physical contact more intentional and affectionate, rather than habit. founder, Chris Pleines, said: “By sleeping separately, there is more intent when it comes to cuddles and physical touch. You actually have to reach out intentionally to initiate intimacy.”

  1. Less disruptions

If your partner is someone who wakes up throughout the night, or is on a different sleep schedule to you, then by sleeping alone you avoid the risk of being woken up during the night.

Couples who find that they are regularly disrupting each other’s sleep with their nocturnal activity should strongly consider whether it’s worth sleeping apart from time to time, especially when one partner is working a different shift pattern.

  1. Enjoy some ‘me’ time

It also allows partners to have their own space and free time before bed, giving them the opportunity to read, catch up on favourite programmes, or even just relax without having to worry about another person.

Chris Pleines said: “By sleeping separately, you can get that daily dose of ‘me time’ you’ve been craving. You allow space so you can freely explore your capping-the-night thoughts without any distractions. Warm hugs during bedtime feel nice but as the relationship grows old, there are couples that prefer immediate rest after a tiring day over cuddles.”

  1. Stay healthy

A simple, yet overlooked, reason to sleep alone is to avoid spreading infectious illnesses such as colds.

Chris added: “In the 19th century, forward-thinking people slept in separate beds. It wasn’t because of polluted pillow talk, but it’s mostly because to ward off contagious illnesses and keeping themselves healthy. It’s not a bad idea, and this arrangement can be done today.”

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