How to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom

The stress and anxiety of lockdown have disrupted all areas of life and the bedroom is no exception, with many Brits reporting a decrease in libido since the Coronavirus struck.

People are having less sex in bed and even when they do, many are not enjoying it as much as normal.

So what can you do to get your sex drive back in gear? Bed Size is important and the layout of the room should be considered as part of the whole experience.

Creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom is a good start. Read below for our tips on how to create an intimate space that is guaranteed to get you in the mood.

1) Declutter

We’re all guilty of letting our bedrooms get a little messy every now and again, but a cluttered and untidy space can be a massive turn-off. Having to clamber over dirty clothes, unwashed plates or random bits of junk can be a real mood-killer, so make sure you keep things clean and organised.

2) Decorate with warm colours

Colours are incredibly sensual and decorating your room with the right shades can really help create a romantic feeling. Warm colours like lavender or tan are stimulating, so consider adding a splash of paint or coloured accessories around the room. Grey, cream and other bland colours are also the neutral options. However, make sure you avoid anything that’s too bright, as that can be overwhelming.

3) Tinker with the lighting

Mood lighting can do wonders, with a dimmed, warm glow creating the most flattering and romantic environment. If you can’t alter the brightness of your lights, try adding soft lamps around the room or fairy lights to your walls. You want to avoid a harsh glare, so have a play and see what works best.

4) Think about smells

There’s nothing more unattractive than entering a room and being hit by a musty, stale smell, so make sure you keep it flushed with fresh air if possible. Candles are also incredibly effective, as not only do they light your room in the most romantic way possible, but their subtle aroma can really set the tone. Scents like vanilla and cinnamon are even said to be aphrodisiacs.

5) Make your bed look inviting

The bed is where the magic happens, so if that looks a mess, the rest of the room is irrelevant. Clear it of clutter, plump up the pillows and consider buying silky satin sheets for that extra bit of luxury. If you want to go all out, sprinkle a few rose petals around for that Hollywood effect. If you can afford it a luxury super king size bed is ideal.

If you want to create an intimate atmosphere in your room, check out our selection of luxury beds.

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