The messiest bedrooms of 2020

We understand sometimes it’s hard to keep on top of tidying, especially if you’re out and about with a busy lifestyle. However some of the entrants of our recent competition really shocked us with their levels of messiness! 

So, we wanted to help one untidy entrant by providing them with a brand new bed to create a new look for their bedroom (and hopefully inspire them to keep it looking fresh).

We received more than 300 entries from across the country, and the top prize was awarded to Sara from Northern Ireland, whose messy bedroom would give Oscar the Grouch a run for his money! 

Here are some of the runners up:

“This is a clean day for me!” admitted Audrey from Derbyshire when she submitted her picture. We’d hate to see her bedroom on a messy day!

Claire from Farnham near London says she doesn’t dare enter her son’s bedroom. And with the mountain of rubbish, we don’t blame her.

With a carton of beer as well as a full pizza and garlic bread scattered across the floor, Havering lad Luke’s bedroom seems to double as a dining room.

Mollie McAllister from Northamptonshire sent in this photo of a former tenant’s bedroom. Safe to say they didn’t get their deposit back.

With so many lovely clothes and a dresser full of haircare products and cosmetics, it’s clear that Nicole from Manchester cares a lot about her looks. But she could do with bringing the same attitude to her bedroom…

Sarah from Studley near coventry exposed her teenage son’s messy bedroom by sending in a whole gallery of photos – not sure he’ll be inviting his friends round anytime soon.

“This mess only took my toddler five minutes!” says Sel from Norfolk – hopefully, it will be just as quick to tidy it up! 

Olivia from Manchester says that she’s “waiting for the house to be refurbished at the moment so there’s no room for clothes”, fair enough, that is quite the floor-drobe.

Toni from Cheltenham shared this photo of her daughter’s room – at least most of the mess fits with the pink colour scheme.

Vishal from Northampton shared this shocking image of a former tenant’s room that took 52 black bin bags to clean! With the bed being the only place free from takeaway packets, we dread to think what the room smelt like.

Angela from Staffordshire is sick of her kids’ mess, she says ‘When they move out, we’re setting fire to the room and starting again!

‘I think it’s time for a little declutter!’ says Anneka from Shropshire… we think so too Anneka!

Grace from Bradford admits that ‘this is actually cleaner than usual!’ – we can’t even imagine what it usually looks like!

Another pink-themed bed mess from John in Liverpool, at least it looks like your daughter is making use of all of her toys!

Zoe from Plymouth shared her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend’s room… you might want to let them know it’s time to empty that bin, Zoe! 

Having a messy bedroom can impact your quality of sleep, and also increase stress levels. To keep your bedroom from looking like a jumble sale, here are five easy tips for you to stick to: 

  1. Eliminate the floordrobe – Now, we understand that doing the laundry is often people’s least favourite chore, and it’s so easy to take the clean clothes from the washing line and leave them on your bedroom floor. However, instead of allowing the ‘floordrobe’ pile to grow bigger and bigger, place the clothes onto your bed and set aside five minutes before bedtime to fold and put them away. You’ll feel much better waking up to a clear floor in the morning! 
  1. Invest in smart storage solutions or under bed storage – If your bedroom is on the smaller side, there are a number of clever ways to make the most of your space by investing in smart storage solutions. Our range of ottoman beds provide extra storage space without having to minimise your floor-space with extra storage bed units. 
  1. Clear out unused items – Marie Kondo style, take a look around your bedroom and get rid of anything you don’t need – clothes you don’t wear anymore, books you don’t read etc. Try to be vigilant, and only keep things that have a sentimental value, or you think you will still get some use from. Donate them to charity, sell online or just give your unneeded items to someone who might appreciate them, and your bedroom will feel decluttered in no time. 
  1. Create a cleaning schedule – If you haven’t managed to keep on top of your tidying throughout the week, perhaps creating a weekly chores schedule would be useful (for yourself, or the whole family). Assigning 5 – 10 minute tasks for each day will ensure that the house stays looking spick-and-span, without becoming too time consuming. If you have children, offering them an incentive to keep their bedroom tidy, such as pocket money, might be a good way to encourage them to do their bit. 
  1. Make your bed – Opening your curtains and making your bed on a morning are the final steps to keep your bedroom looking clean and tidy every day. Such a simple step that makes a huge difference to the room’s overall appearance. 

What are your top tidying tips? Tweet us @bedsos 

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