14 Bed Colours to Anchor Your Bedroom Design Scheme

Part of what determines your choice of a new bed is colour. This is not a bad thing. Once you have decided on size and firmness, a new bed’s aesthetic appeal is important as well. The colours play a significant role in whether or not you appreciate what it looks like.

The bed is arguably the largest and most prominent piece of furniture in any bedroom. So it makes sense to pick a colour you like and then design the rest of the room around it. To help you get started thinking in that direction, we have put together a list of 14 different bed colours. Each one could anchor your entire bedroom design scheme.

Beech Beds

Beech is a colour associated with wood that comes from a tree of the same name. The beech tree is a deciduous tree with over a dozen species. Its wood offers soft tones of yellow, orange, and tan. Complement a beech coloured bed with off-whites, greys, blues, and greens. Beech is definitely a colour that lends itself better to cool colour schemes.

Beige Beds

Beige has been described as a pale, sandy colour with notes of greyish-tan and yellow-brown. It is an earth tone colour with a subtle appearance. Warm yellows, browns and oranges work well with it, as do deeper reds and purples. Beige is not a colour you would normally mix with greens and blues.

Beige Bed with white accent and light grey flooring

Black Beds

Though black is technically not a colour, we consider it as such for interior decoration purposes. A black bed can be a striking piece of furniture in any bedroom, especially as the centrepiece of a monochrome or two-tone colour scheme. Though black goes with anything, whites and greys work best with it.

Black scroll Bed in black and white colour scheme room

Blue Beds

Blue is considered a cooler colour. It evokes thoughts of nature, especially the sky and the ocean. You can create a triadic colour scheme with blue as your bed base and yellow and red as your secondary colours. Likewise, a complementary colour scheme would pair blue with orange.

Blue Bed with grey painted walls and modern decor

Brown Beds

If you are into earth tones, brown is an excellent choice. This subtle and calming colour is perfect for the bedroom. Use brown as a base for a monochromatic colour scheme featuring various shades and tints, or pair it with a medium grey and powder blue for a more interesting look.

Retro style bed with brown and opposite colour wheel walls

Cream Beds

Cream is an interesting colour inasmuch as there are a variety of shades, some being closer to yellow and others closer to white. Cream is a wonderful colour for the bedroom because it is relaxing and comfortable. You can mix cream with purple, green, and multiple shades of brown.

Cream Bed in cream floor & wall room with white accent sheets and furniture

Gold Beds

We see gold and we think elegance, class, and sophistication. A gold bed would work wonderfully in a bedroom with a blue colour scheme, especially if the blue were a deep royal or navy. You can also complement a gold bed with darker purples and browns. Even a darker teal would work well. Rose Gold is a very popular Bed colour, especially with metal beds.

Green Beds

Like blue, green is considered a cool colour. How you decorate around a green bed depends on the particular shade of green. A sea foam green pairs very nicely with pale blue. A darker forest green really stands out when paired with yellow or orange. Avoid greys if green is your primary colour.

Grey Beds

Grey is one of the hottest colours for bedroom furniture at the moment. In fact, monochrome grey colour schemes are big right now. If you’re not content with decorating in grey exclusively, you might want to consider a sky blue, light pink, or different shades of tan or brown to go with it.

Pink Beds

Pink is a wonderful colour choice if you want your bedroom to be calming and a bit whimsical. Pink is an obvious choice for children, making it easier to come up with an acceptable colour scheme. Pair pink with greys, whites, and cool blues. A brighter pink works extremely well with black.

Pink Beds for the ultimate girly room

Red Beds

Red is easily one of the most popular colours in the world. In the bedroom, it can help create a warm and vibrant space that speaks of your passion for life. We recommend complementing red with darker browns, bright yellows, or a bit of black. Silver and grey shades are good choices as well.

Silver Beds

Silver is similar to gold in that it evokes a sense of classic elegance. A beautiful silver bed is nicely accented by earth tones like beige and beach. Darker greys on the floors and walls can really bring out the brilliance of a beautiful silver bed. In terms of linens, bright blues tend to make silver pop.

Crushed Velvet Silver Bed

White Beds

White is considered a universal colour because it goes with just about anything. You might prefer a monochrome colour scheme with various shades and tints of off-white. A few hints of blue or yellow can set things off. If you are not into the monochrome look, consider darker colours to pair with white.

Yellow Beds

Yellow is considered a warm colour because it evokes images of bright sunshine. Yellow in the bedroom is normally paired with darker greys and blues. However, it works extremely well with earth tones. A dark brown or sandy tan can really bring out the depth of a warm yellow shade.

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