The favourite sex positions across the UK

We polled the nation to find out Britain’s favourite sex positions and can reveal that the top position is missionary, with more than two in five (41%) choosing this as their favourite. 

This position is much more popular when less effort needs to be put in, as more than a quarter (27%) say their favourite position is missionary with the partner on top, compared to one in seven (15%) liking their partner on the bottom.

Doggy style is the second favourite with one in five (20%) claiming this as their favourite way to do the deed. Less than one in ten people are a fan of other positions like cowgirl (8%), spooning (4%) and the spread eagle (3%).

We also had a look into the different attitudes across regions in the UK, while sex and intimacy expert, Juliette Karaman, gives us insight into what this could mean for your relationship.

Most areas of the UK were in agreement that missionary was their best position in bed, but those in Edinburgh (21%), Newcastle (26%) and Sheffield (23%) instead prefer doing it doggy style!

More than one in eight (13%) people in Belfast and one in twenty of those in Southampton (7%) and London (6%) love the reverse cowgirl in their bed, which other regions were a lot less keen on. Juliette says this suggests people in these areas are at more ease in their bodies and being naked in the bedroom.

More than one in ten of those in Nottingham (12%) and Edinburgh (11%) also prefer cowgirl in bed, which is a very visual position for the person on the bottom, being able to look up at their lover Juliette reveals: “The cowgirl position will also mean that both partners are comfortable with each other.”

Spooning is the favourite position for one in ten people in both Edinburgh (10%) and Norwich (10%), as well as 8% of those in Sheffield. Juliette says: “This position is very comforting for the little spoon and can make it easier achieve different levels of penetration which is pleasing to both partners.”

Standing in the shower was one of the most disliked positions, though one in twenty (5%) of those in Belfast and Manchester said this gave them the most pleasure. 

Looking at the different professions, doggy style was the top for plumbers, electricians and builders of which almost half (43%) said this was their favourite sex position. Playing into the cliché of tradesmen in porn, this position is often used by men to fantasise, Juliette explains: “There is less connecting during sex as there is no direct eye contact and can also be less comfortable for the receiving partner.” This style was also the favourite of artists (26%), healthcare professionals (19%) and those who work in finance (23%), IT (24%), HR and recruitment (25%).

Some professions proved to be more confident and experimental in the bedroom, with more than one in six (17%) lawyers enjoying the wheelbarrow and more than one in seven (15%) emergency service workers claiming the spread eagle is their favourite sex position.  Juliette says: “The less common positions are enjoyed by those who have more confidence to ask for and try new things in the bedroom.”

In contrast, teachers (32%), accountants (31%) retail workers (32%) and those in sales (24%) like to feel more connected and let their partner take the lead by choosing missionary with the partner on top. 

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