Your pictures: Sneaky pets taking over their owners’ beds

If you’re a pet owner then you’re probably all too familiar with the irritating feeling of heading to your bedroom after a long day, only to find that your furry friend has already sprawled themselves over your bed like they own the place.

We wanted to see just how many people have the same problem, so we challenged the nation to send in pictures of their pets taking over the bed.

We received hundreds and hundreds of snaps from across the UK of some adorably entitled animals, who love nothing more than to tuck themselves into bed after a long day, whether it’s their bed or not.  

However, there can only be one winning entry, and that position was nabbed by Susannah Flood from Chelmsford whose two cats, Paddy and Ollie, both demand their rightful space on the bed.

Susannah said: “Ollie is eight years old and he’s a brown Norwegian Forest Cat. Paddy is a white and black British Short Hair and he’s six. We’ve had Ollie with us since he was a kitten, but we rescued Paddy after he’d had his leg amputated due to an injury. As you can see, they’re very close and they love taking over my bed for a communal snooze!”

Congratulations to Susannah, who’s won a free bed worth £200! But something tells us Ollie and Paddy will be the ones who get the most use out of it….

We received so many adorable entries to this competition that we couldn’t help but share some of our favourites. Here are some of the best runners up:

  1. Oakley is a 10-week old Pug puppy who not only loves to take over the bed, but the games console too!
  1. An 18 month-old Dogue de Bordeaux, Roxy’s owner tells us that she ate her last bed, so it’s no wonder she gets her beauty sleep elsewhere!
  1. Tucked up nice and cosy, Marshall the Dalmatian makes sure he always gets his eight hours of beauty sleep.
  1. Bambi’s owner says she’s a total diva who’s completely spoilt but very much loved. Having dealt with bad owners and health issues in the past before she was rescued by her current family, we reckon she deserves to put her feet up.
  1. It’s double trouble from Bracken and Chunk, who never leave any room for their owner to get her forty winks at night! Bracken is a seven-year-old Maine Coon and Chunk, the Ginger Tom, is 11.
  1. Six-year-old Sasha is a cross breed rescue dog who loves to snuggle up in the blankets. When she’s not napping, she also enjoys rummaging in the bin, much to the dismay of her owners.
  1. Angel (a 13-year-old Staffordshire cross breed) and Indie (a three-month-old English Bull Terrier pup) are an unlikely pair of best friends. Little and large, they love a cuddle under the duvet.
  1. Wrapped up in blankets, Casper the ginger moggy looks as cosy as can be.
  1. Poppy the Bichon Frise’s owners suspect she might be half human with the way she perfectly tucks herself into bed.
  1. Just a few weeks old, these Jack Russell pups love to get their beauty sleep.
  1. Five-year-old Biscuit was a stray before he was taken in by his owner. Clearly he’s wasted no time in making himself feel at home.
  1. Two-year-old Golden Retriever, Letty, is a big fan of lying in bed. According to her owners, she lets them join her in bed too sometimes, if she’s feeling generous.
  1. Japanese Spitz and Jack Russell mix, Charlie, has clearly had a long day as evidenced by his big yawn!
  1. A four-year-old Ragdoll cat, Jack’s owner says that he beats her to bed every night.
  1. Two year old English Bulldog, Bruce, loves a duvet day, whether his owner’s in bed or not!

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