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Competition time – Whos got the messiest bedroom?

Competition by Bed SOS to find out who in the UK has the messiest bedroom. We asked customers up and down the country about their messy beds and bedrooms. The winner received a free bed worth F400! Please note this competition is now closed and the winner has been announced please see some of the amazing entries and results that produced truly the messiest bedrooms in the UK. Terms and conditions apply subject to availability, mattress not included. View our huge range of cheap price discounted Beds.


How to create an intimate atmosphere in your bedroom

The stress and anxiety of lockdown have disrupted all areas of life and the bedroom is no exception, with many Brits reporting a decrease in libido since the Coronavirus struck. People are having less sex in bed and even when they do, many are not enjoying it as much as normal. So what can you do to get your sex drive back in gear? Bed Size is important and the layout of the room should be considered as part of the whole experience. Creating the right atmosphere in your bedroom is... Read More


Are you an active sleeper? This could be why

Many people will have experienced unusual nocturnal behaviour at some point in their lives, whether that’s hearing a friend or partner talking weirdly in their sleep, or waking up in the kitchen with no idea how you got there. This behaviour is usually harmless, and can often be hilarious for those watching, but what exactly is it that makes people do these strange activities in their sleep? We spoke to sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley of The Sleep Council, to find out: Sleepwalking Sleepwalking is what we refer to as... Read More


Five reasons why couples should sleep separately

Should you be sleeping separately to your partner? It doesn’t sound like something that could be beneficial, but according to a recent study we’ve carried out, a fifth (20%) of Brits doing so say it improves their relationship. Unsurprisingly, half (49%) said that sleeping alone helps them to sleep better, whilst nearly one in ten (8%) claim it improves their sex life. Simply adding an additional cheap guest bed with a quality mattress to your house is all that’s needed? What about cuddles in bed I hear you cry? Snoring... Read More


Raunchy Regions: how much sex are people having in your city?

Survey of 2,000 UK adults conducted by The Leadership Factor on behalf of Bed SOS in January 2020 YouGov Profiles+ Great Britain 2020-01-05 – ‘Are you satisfied with your sex life?’ – 19,131 respondents The average Brit has sex around three times a week, but what about where you live? How does your city compare to the national average? Our recent research found that people in Bristol and Edinburgh make love most often, averaging just under four sessions in bed a week. On the other hand, those in Newcastle have... Read More


The 20 best entries from our sleepy pet competition

There’s nothing cuter than animals, especially when they’re sleeping, but there’s no denying they often find the strangest positions and places to catch their 40 winks! To showcase Britain’s sleepiest pets, we launched a competition to find the funniest photos of our snoozing animal companions. The bed is definitely not the natural habitat for these gorgeous animals, we dont sell pet beds at Bed SOS but have a wide range of cheap beds with next day delivery for human customers! We asked people all across the UK in towns and... Read More


Competition: Britain’s Sleepiest Pets

Animals love to sleep just about anywhere they can, and sometimes in some truly hilarious positions or locations. So to showcase Britain’s sleepiest pets, we’ve launched a competition to find the funniest photos of our sleeping furry friends. To be in with a chance of winning a brand new bed worth up to £400, all you have to do is upload a picture of your sleepy pet as well as a brief caption with their name and a bit of information about the story behind the photo to the competition... Read More


Ten of the weirdest ever sex questions answered

Ever had a sex question you’ve felt too uncomfortable to ask? You’re not alone. To avoid awkwardness, many Brits have been turning to the internet for help. Our recent research trawled through some of the sex-related searches people in Britain have asked Google. Looking through the list, you can perhaps understand why they didn’t want to ask them in person! You can read ten of the most bizarre queries below. The last one is particularly unusual! Q. “Can a girl get pregnant if a boy touches her breast with mouth”... Read More


Struggling sleepers: 10 of the funniest sleep deprived fails

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep, but sometimes for one reason or another, sleep might elude us, forcing us to struggle through the next day. The big question is what kind of sleeper are you? One in ten (10%) Brits get four or fewer hours of sleep per night, and nearly half (46%) get fewer than the recommended seven hours. Unfortunately, regular doses of tea or coffee can only take us so far, and most of us are far from our best after... Read More

Are These the UK’s Messiest Bedrooms?

Your bedroom is meant to be a place of relaxation and rest; arguably the comfiest area in your house, but it seems that keeping it clean and tidy is not a priority for everyone. We searched the country high and low for the messiest bedrooms via a photo competition, and can reveal the 10 most untidy rooms. Anna Wrigley, from Kendal in Cumbria, was crowned our competition winner after sharing her carnage of a room, featuring a half-eaten takeaway from the night before. She received one of our lovely new... Read More