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Sharing the Marriage Bed Takes Some Getting Used to

Every little girl dreams of being swept off her feet by her prince, riding off into the sunset and living happily ever after. Young couples convinced they know all of the secrets to love, look forward with great anticipation to that day when they finally walk down the aisle and seal their relationship. Indeed, there are many grandiose ideas about weddings and marriage relationships that seem too good to be true. Some are; some are not. It would have been nice if someone had sat down with those of us... Read More


How Important Is Sleep Position to Your Relationship?

How you and your partner sleep together speaks volumes about your relationship. At least that is what the author of a newly released study told the Daily Mail in February (2015). Psychologist Corrine Sweet studied couples and their sleep patterns to get an idea of how people position themselves when sharing a bed. She went on to explain various positions and what each of them say about relationships. Our question is whether sleep position truly affects relationships. The jury is still out on that, especially since Sweet’s study is by... Read More


The Proper Way to Move a Mattress

We have all seen those cars speeding down the motorway with a mattress strapped to the top. The occupants of the car have no idea that the single piece of rope holding down their sleep solution is but one stiff gust away from snapping, sending their mattress flying through the air like a sail. We all know that moving a mattress this way is stupid, so why do we do it? Answering that question is probably not possible. So instead, it would be better for us to concentrate on addressing... Read More


UK Sleep Solutions: The Death of the Box Spring

Bed SOS is happy to provide sleep solutions to customers no matter where they are from. However, dealing with expatriates can be interesting at times. For example, Americans who choose to make their home on this side of the Pond cannot seem to understand that we do not use box springs. And in fact, many are incredulous when we tell them box springs have not been in use here for decades. That is inconceivable to an American. If they are not using memory foam or air mattresses, Americans use sprung... Read More


Sharing a Bed with an Infant Is Not Risk-Free

Sharing a bed with an infant, also known as co-sleeping, is a controversial practice in Western cultures. Yet thousands of parents engage in it regularly. Despite concerns over infant safety, parents who prefer co-sleeping say that it strengthens the parent-child bond and promotes better physical, mental and emotional health. Those against co-sleeping are quick to point out that it could prove deadly. There is no definitive science that proves co-sleeping to be either good or bad. However, common sense and practical experience indicates that sharing a bed with an infant... Read More


Just Make Your Bed Already …

There was a day when a person would never leave the bedroom until the bed was made up properly. How things have changed. Not only do we not stress making up the bed as much as we used to, the term ‘making the bed’ has evolved as well. Today it means more than just neatly arranging sheets and blankets for a nice presentation. It also means decorating the bed with pillows, comforters, duvets and a full range of accessories. In this blog post, BedSOS wants to set aside all of... Read More


Ready or Not, High-Tech Beds Are Coming

Leave it to technology companies to find new and amazing ways to incorporate the digital age into just about everything. One of their latest targets is something man has been using since the dawn of creation: the bed. That’s right, high-tech beds are on their way whether we are ready for them or not. We are on the verge of a new way of sleeping that incorporates all sorts of technologies. One of the technologies currently being worked on is a bed that includes a series of sensors under the... Read More


Enjoy Your Holiday … In Your Own Bed

Spring is just about here, which means many of us will begin planning our summer holidays within the next few weeks. Are you the kind of person that dreads holiday travel because you do not sleep well away from your own bed? If so, consider spending your holiday at home this year. You may find it easier to relax and make the most of your time by sleeping in your own bed every night. People who have trouble sleeping in strange beds can find it difficult to enjoy even the... Read More


Different Couples, Different Sleep Choices

It is generally assumed that married couples will sleep together for most of their married years. In some cases, that is exactly what happens. In other cases however, couples decide to sleep separately at some point in their lives. Nonetheless, here’s the thing to understand: it does not really matter as long as couples do what they do after agreeing among themselves what is best for a restful sleep in the bed. Many things can cause couples to choose separate sleeping arrangements after years of marriage. For example, one partner... Read More


3 Things That Could Be Interrupting Your Sleep

Does it seem as if you can never get enough sleep to truly feel refreshed? Do you find yourself nodding off in the middle of the day? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people believe they are getting restful sleep when they really are not. This lack of sleep results in drowsiness, chronic fatigue and an inability to remain alert throughout the day. The problem is trying to determine the underlying cause when a person knows he/she is not suffering from an identifiable disorder. It turns out that... Read More