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Whether you are purchasing a brand-new bed or you are in the market for a mattress to replace what you're sleeping on now, Bed SOS is here with a selection of European mattresses. No bed is complete without a high quality mattress on top.

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European mattresses are so designated because of their measurements. European mattresses tend to be slightly larger than their UK counterparts, requiring the European designation in order to remove any confusion. Please note that European mattresses are not constructed in some specific way that makes them different from traditional UK mattresses. They are simply bigger.

Bed SOS is proud to offer a selection of European mattresses that work well with our bed frames or your existing frame. As long as the measurements match, our European mattresses will work perfectly with an appropriately sized frame. Be sure to match mattress and frame size if purchasing both from Bed SOS.

Our mattresses come from well-known manufacturers like Breasley Uno. You'll find standard quilt and plush models, many with built-in Fresche Technology (Bearsley Uno only) for your sleeping comfort. Rest assured that your purchase of a European mattress from Bed SOS is covered by our 14-day return policy that takes the risk out of purchasing something you don't want by mistake.

Remember, your choice of mattress is just as important to your sleeping comfort as the bed frame on which it rests. Do not take a chance on a generic mattress with no brand power behind it. You do get what you pay for when it comes to bedding, so it's worth investing in a brand you know you can trust.

For information on any of our European mattresses, simply click the 'View' button to be directed to a new page with product information. When you are ready to order, you can complete your transaction quickly and securely through our online store. We will pack your purchase and ship it right to your door in no time at all. In fact, we offer free, next day delivery in England and Wales on all orders received prior to 1pm Monday through Thursday.