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Firm mattresses from various manufacturers are available here at Bed SOS. Please see below to learn more about the firm classification.

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When some people talk about firm mattresses, they use the word 'firm' in a generic sense. As a mattress buyer, you need to know that 'firm' is an actual classification of mattress firmness. In fact, it is the highest classification on the firmness scale. A firm mattress offers maximum lumbar support and minimal body contouring.

A firm mattress is recommended for people who sleep on their stomachs rather than their backs or sides. The person who sleeps on his/her stomach will find a softer mattress uncomfortable because it allows the spine to bend backwards, creating significant back pain throughout the night and upon waking in the morning. A firm mattress is just the opposite. It prevents the backward bending of the spine.

People weighing in excess of 15 stone or suffering from chronic back pain are also good candidates for a firm mattress. The maximum firmness of this classification denotes maximum lumbar support and stability, keeping the sleeper in position and preventing the body from sinking into the mattress.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain that is exacerbated when you sleep, it may be that your mattress is too soft. A firm mattress may be the solution to your problems. If you weigh in excess of 15 stone, there is a good chance that any back pain you experience as a result of sleep is related to your mattress. You should consider a firm mattress as well.

Bed SOS is thrilled to offer a selection of firm mattresses along with all our other bedding supplies. When you buy from us, you are purchasing a quality mattress backed by our 14-day return policy and any applicable manufacturer’s warranty. All Bed SOS purchases in excess of £259 are eligible for interest-free financing; we offer free next-day delivery in England and Wales as well.