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Bed SOS is happy to include medium mattresses in our extensive bedding inventory. Please see below to learn more about the medium firmness classification.

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The 'medium' classification for mattress firmness is the third of five classifications, with the first being 'soft'. As such, a medium firmness mattress offers a bit more support than a soft mattress. This is important to know if you want something a bit softer but with more support than a soft or soft-medium mattress provides.

Medium firmness mattresses are most preferred by people who tend to change positions frequently during the night. A person who sleeps this way may not spend long periods of time in a single position. As a result, the most comfortable mattress is soft enough to conform to the contours of the body regardless of position.

Having said that, this person may spend equal amounts of time on both the side and back. A medium firmness mattress offers a little extra support for the back when a person is in that position. This is the key difference between the medium classification and the soft classification.

As a person who changes sleeping positions frequently, you may find that a firm mattress is too hard but a soft mattress is not firm enough. You would be an excellent candidate for a medium firmness mattress. A medium mattress gives you just enough support for when you are on your back without sacrificing the body contouring you need while you're sleeping on your side.

The Bed SOS inventory includes medium firmness mattresses from Slumber Sleep, Breasley Uno, and Kidsaw. With dozens of mattresses for you to choose from, you are sure to find a medium firmness product that both fits your bed frame and meets your needs for comfort and firmness. We encourage you to browse our entire mattress selection to find something that is right for you. You deserve a good night's sleep on a comfortable mattress that provides the right level of support.