Memory Foam Mattresses

At BedSOS, we offer an extensive range of memory foam mattresses for that added luxury and comfort. All our memory foam mattresses ensure that your body will be fully supported as you sleep, and they are greatly appreciated by those that suffer from aches and pains. Memory foam mattresses are known for acting as a stress reliever, and they can also benefit those that suffer from allergies as they are made from anti-microbial materials. Our memory foam mattresses come with a range of comfort grades, from extremely firm to extremely soft, so they are suitable for everyone. BedSOS provides memory foam mattresses at some of the best prices so that everyone can experience the comfort they truly deserve. The vast majority of our memory foam mattresses come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty; however, a few do come with a one-year warranty.

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memory foam is good for you


Bed SOS offers a wide range of top name memory foam mattresses, including expert brands such as Breasley, and many more.  Our range of carefully selected memory foam mattresses ensure your body receives ultimate support during your night’s sleep, leaving you rejuvenated for the following day.


Memory foam mattresses are manufactured to high standards, and are perfect for allergy sufferers as they are constructed from materials which are dust mite resistant and anti-microbial.   Other benefits of any memory foam mattress are the ability to alleviate back pain and neck pain, as well as hip and pelvic pain.  Memory foam mattresses are renowned for helping to relieve stress and pressure on joints.  Memory foam mattresses contour to the body’s shape which ensures correct spinal alignment whilst sleeping, and reduces the risk of swollen hip joints and pelvic areas.


All of our memory foam mattresses come via rolled up form in vacuum sealed packaging, via a professional courier service.  Not only does this reduce the risk of courier damage, it also keeps the mattress extremely hygienic as they are preserved from contaminating foreign elements as soon as they have been manufactured.


We have various memory foam mattresses, some of which feature memory foam springs.  Mattresses have come a long way since the traditional styles we were once used to.  Scientific studies and research have helped direct the world of mattresses, thus presenting us with a different perception of which type of mattress offers the best benefits during sleep.  Like traditional mattresses, memory foam mattresses have different firmness ratings.  All firmness ratings within our memory foam mattresses department are based on touch and feel of the mattress, and should be used as rough guide only.


Once you receive your memory foam mattress, you should open the packaging carefully.  You should unroll your mattress on to the bed frame and leave it to expand in room temperature.  The expansion process can take anywhere between a few hours to 24 hours, and has in rare cases been known to take up to 48 hours.  You may notice a slight chemical smell coming from your new mattress.  This is completely normal, due to the number of man-made synthetic materials used during the manufacturing process, and will subside.


The majority of our memory foam mattresses come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, with a slight few carrying a 1 year manufacturers warranty.