PU, PVC, Bonded, Faux and Imitation Leather Explained

PU Leather, PVC Leather and Bonded Leather are all forms of Faux Leather.  These types of faux leather are used to upholster faux leather beds, faux leather headboards and faux leather bedroom furniture.  Faux Leather is basically imitation leather, or fake leather.  It is a man-made product which is produced using a fabric base layer, which is chemically treated, and given the texture and appearance of real leather.  Imitation leather is extremely cheap in comparison to real leather.  We have done vigorous research in to imitation leather and below is our simplified explanation for each:

PU Leather

Pu Leather is a type of imitation leather.  PU Leather is Polyurethane Leather.  PU Leather is made from a backing layer, such as cotton, polyester or shredded leather, with a flexible polymer.  The material is then treated and is given the look and texture of real leather, making it imitate animal hide.  PU Leather is often said to be the most realistic looking imitation leather, due to its close resemblance of real leather.  PU Leather will wrinkle like real leather when tufted, stitched or gathered and it remains soft and subtle throughout its life.  PU Leather does not contain any plasticisers, so the PU Leather is unlikely to peel or crack.  Compared to other types of imitation leather, PU Leather is considered greener as it does not create any dioxins.

PVC Leather

PVC Leather is often referred to as vinyl upholstery.  PVC Leather consists of two separate synthetic materials which are coated with Polyvinyl Chloride and plasticisers.  The vinyl is then melted on to the surface of the fibers.  This seals the fibers closed and creates a strong yet flexible, virtually waterproof, surface.  PVC Leather is cheaper to produce than PU Leather, so products upholstered in a PVC Leather finish are generally cheaper than PU Leather products.

Bonded Leather

Bonded Leather is also known as reconstituted leather or blended leather.  Bonded Leather is a term used for a manufactured upholstery material, including animal hide.  Bonded Leather features a layered structure, and is manufactured by layering shredded leather scraps and leather fiber, then missing it with bonding materials.  The mixture is then spread on to a fiber cloth, or paper backing, and the surface is usually embossed with a leather-like texture, or grain.  The colour of Bonded Leather is usually applied in the later stages.  Colour is a surface treatment which does not penetrate the material.  Lower quality Bonded Leather may suffer cracking and/ or peeling of the surface within as a little of a few years.  Bonded Leather comes in various qualities, some of which can be extremely durable and better than low quality real leather; whilst other Bonded Leather is said to be far less durable than Bonded Leather and PVC Leather.

Faux Leather

Faux Leather in general means “synthetic leather”.  Faux Leather is the general term given to PU Leather, PVC Leather and Bonded Leather.  Faux Leather is a category name which covers all imitation leather.

Imitation Leather

Imitation Leather is an upholstering material which has been made to look like leather.  Imitation leather can be manufactured via a variety of methods.  PU leather, PVC leather, bonded leather and all faux leathers are forms of imitation leather.  The quality of the imitation leather all depends on the quality of the materials used during the manufacturing process.

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