Manufacturer’s Guarantee/ Warranty:

All products purchased from are protected from manufacturing faults/ defects under the manufacturer’s warranty.  The manufacturer’s warranty commences from the date your goods are delivered.  The manufacturer’s warranty is an added benefit and does not affect the consumers Statutory Rights.  The manufacturer's warranty covers the workmanship of the goods and does not cover accidental damage or general wear and tear, for a limited period.  Full details of the manufacturer’s warranty can be obtained directly from the manufacturer, or via our customer service team.

Should an issue arise with your product, the manufacturer's warranty/ guarantee would look to cover replacement parts of any part/ entire product that is found to be defective.  Delivery of replacement parts/ products under warranty is free of charge.

To make a claim under the manufacturer’s warranty the customer must send photographic evidence to advising of their order reference number/ delivery postcode.  BedSOS will then liaise with the manufacturer to raise a remedy under warranty, should the issue be found to be a manufacturing fault/ defect.

Warranty periods vary from manufacturers/ products.  For example, most manufacturer’s offer a 1 year warranty, excluding Time Living who offer a 2 year warranty.  Sprung mattresses have a 1 year warranty whereas memory foam mattresses usually have 5 year, or even 10 year warranties/ guarantees.



In order to ensure full use/ protection from the manufacturer’s warranty, the consumer must comply with the specified requirements set by the manufacturer, which is usually outlined on the assembly instructions or obtained directly from the manufacturer.  For example, periodically checking the tightness of bolts, using rubber floor protective sticky pads on bed legs which are used on wooden/ non carpeted flooring, periodically turning mattresses where necessary etc.  If you have any questions regarding your warranty please contact us via so that we can assist you further with any queries.

The manufacturer’s warranty is VOID should the consumer misuse/ neglect the goods in a manner stated below.  In such cases the consumer will not be entitled to any replacement part(s)/ product(s) under warranty:

(a)    Use goods without bed linen; such as mattress protector 

(b)    Rolling or bending the good(s)

(c)    Subjecting the good(s) to unnecessary excessive wear and tear, eg: jumping up and down on the bed/ mattress

(d)    Using the good(s) for something other than what the goods are specifically manufactured for

(e)    Neglecting or demonstrating carelessness towards the good(s)

(f)     Altering or modifying, otherwise interfering with, the good(s)

(g)    Using the good(s) with an existing product that it was designed to be paired with (eg: an old sprung unit)

(h)    Overloading drawers in which the drawer base becomes distorted/ damaged

(i)     Infiltration of any liquid, eg: water, detergent, juices, drinks


All warranty claims must be made in writing directly to with images to show the potential fault/ defect.  BedSOS will then act on the consumer's behalf under warranty.