What is Chenille Fabric?

Chenille fabric was introduced in the 18th century, according to historians.  Chenille is a durable fabric which originated in France.  Chenille fabric has come a long way since the original methods used to create such a fabric.  Chenille fabric is a popular finish in upholstered furniture, and chenille beds are becoming increasingly more and more popular.  All our beds are available in a selection of various colours, including mink, cream, burgundy, brown, teal, black and charcoal.



Caring for chenille fabric beds is easy.  Chenille beds can be carefully vacuum cleaned or brushed with a soft brush in order to maintain the chenille surface finish.  Chenille has a soft velvety feel to it and although it is a hard wearing material it’s important to clean the fabric gently if and when required without the use of abrasives.  Chenille fabrics should be cleaned by professionals.  Chenille fabric is usually dry clean only, however some chenille fabrics can be cleaned with mild detergents.  We recommend referring to the manufacturer for advice before applying any detergents to any chenille beds.  A professional cleaning company can usually offer dry cleaning services on chenille bed frames.


Modern chenille fabric is usually created using sturdy materials, such as a rayon blend.  Rayon is a sturdy material, however it will fade and potentially weaken in direct sunlight.  Nowadays manufacturers of chenille beds treat the chenille fabric via a chemical process to ensure the fabric is built to last and also to help resist fading against sunlight exposure, but this does not necessarily mean that all chenille beds will withstand direct sunlight over long periods of time.  Chenille fabric will fade and wear in time, and chenille fabric will also lose its pile.  Although a sturdy material, chenille fabric is delicate against sunlight and precautions should be taken to protect any chenille bed frames in order to prolong the life of the chenille.  Some chenille bed manufacturer’s use chenille which acrylic or olefin fibers in the manufacturing process.  This ensures that the chenille lasts longer than cheaper chenille fabrics.


Our chenille bed frames are of a quality chenille fabric.  We source our chenille fabrics from manufacturers who use the most appropriate forms of chenille to create long lasting chenille bed frames.  We are official retailers of all our chenille beds, so all chenille bed frames purchased from BedSOS are protected against manufacturing faults and defects via a manufacturer’s warranty.