What is Faux Leather?

Faux leather is a durable material which is proving highly popular within the furniture manufacturing industry.  It is a man-made material which has come a long way since its early days.  Faux Leather has been proven to be just as durable, if not more durable, than real leather.  Faux Leather is available in a wide range of colours, including black, brown, white and red; as well as in a variety of shades.  Faux leather is used on faux leather beds, faux leather headboards and faux leather furniture.

There are two main types of Faux Leather used on furniture, PU leather and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) leather.  The most common form of Faux Leather found within the furniture industry is PU (polyurethane) Leather.

PU Faux Leather is a man-made product which is made by coating a backing fabric (such as cotton, polyester or shredded leather) with a flexible polymer.  The product is then treated to make it appear to look more like animal hide.  PU Faux Leather is the most realistic looking imitation leather currently available.  Its overall appearance is that of leather.  PU Faux Leather even wrinkles like genuine leather when it is tufted, stitched or gathered.  PU Faux Leather has no plasticisers in it.  This means that the faux leather is unlikely to peel or crack, as it remains soft and supple throughout its lifetime.  PU faux leather is considered to be greener than PVC faux leather as it does not create dioxins.

PVC Faux Leather, also known as vinyl upholstery, is constructed from two separate synthetic materials.  The fibers of the materials are coated with vinyl (Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and plasticisers (phthalic acid)).  This vinyl is melted on to the surface of the fibers, sealing the fibers closed and creating a strong, yet flexible, virtually waterproof surface.  PVC faux leather is usually found in restaurants and hospitals.

PU Faux Leather is much better than PVC Faux Leather.  PU Faux Leather costs less than real leather but it is more expensive to produce than PVC Faux Leather.

Faux Leather in general is a fraction of the cost in comparison to genuine leather.  Faux leather beds are cheaper to produce, and this is reflected within their sale price.  Faux Leather is a man-made material which is made up from a mix of materials.  The durability of the finished material itself all depends on the quality of the mixed materials used during the process of making the Faux Leather.

Because Faux Leather is a man-made material, Faux Leather does not tend to crack as easily as genuine leather.  Although Faux Leather is extremely durable, it still requires general maintenance and care from its owner to prevent cracking and peeling.  There are many ways to care for Faux Leather.  Some suggest using good maintenance conditioners, such as quality leather cleaners, on Faux Leather.  This will not only help to maintain its appearance, it will help to ensure that the fibers within the Faux Leather chemical process stay strong.  Such maintenance solutions will also ensure that the Faux Leather surface does not crack, or lose any of its fat and other essential chemicals that hold it together.  Others suggest using warm water and a soap-free sponge to clean any dirt of faux leather.  It is suggested that a lint free cloth is then used to dry the Faux Leather.  To get the most out of your Faux Leather you will need to maintain it periodically.

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